• API license

    Applicable on the C42 API d.d. 21-06-2016

    Calendar42 offers an application programming interface (API) for the use of C42 in an automated manner. By using the API you can develop and implement integrations and applications on top of the C42 platform. Use is subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

  • 1. Latest updates

    New in the version of 21-06-2016

    • Initial release
  • 2. Access to the API

    1. To use the API a special key (API key) is necessary. You will receive this key after you have completed your registration.
    2. You must secure access to your account using the username and password against third parties. In particular you must keep the password strictly confidential. Calendar42 may assume that all actions undertaken from your account after logging in with your username and password is authorized and supervised by you. This means you are liable for these actions, unless and until you have notified Calendar42 that someone else knows your third party.
    3. In addition you must keep the API key strictly confidential and use the same only for your own use of the API. Third parties may not use your API key without separate permission of Calendar42.
  • 3. Grant of permission

    1. For as long as you adhere to all terms and conditions of this document, Calendar42 hereby grants you permission to use the API for your websites, applications and other services.
    2. It is forbidden to use the API of C42 for acts that would violate a person's privacy or relevant data protection law, any purpose in a context of racist or discriminatory content, any use in a context of erotic or pornographic content (even if legal), any use in a context encouraging hacking, cybercrime and the like, as well as any other activity is in violation of Dutch or other applicable laws and regulations 
    3. Use of the API must be fair to other users ('fair use policy'). In particular your use should not deviate in an extreme manner from the average. In addition Calendar42 can temporarily limit or suspend the API in case of maintenance, disruptions or abuse. 
    4. You are free to present the data obtained using the API at your own discretion and using your own layout on sites and services under your control. 
    5. If desired you may accompany the presentation of data obtained from the API with the name and/or logo of Calendar42. In any event is it strictly forbidden to use the name or logo of Calendar42 to create the impression you are part of Calendar42 or have a special status or relationship with Calendar42.
    6. Data obtained using the API may be kept in a temporary cache if such caching is necessary to reduce unnecessary repeat queries. You must take the usual measures against outdated data in the cache . 
    7. Should Calendar42 discover that you violate any of the above, or receive a valid complaint alleging the same, Calendar42 may limit or suspend your access to the API until the violation has been ended. 
    8. Calendar42 may recoup from you all damages it suffers as a result of your violation of these terms of use. You agree and hold harmless Calendar42 from all third-party claims arising out of your violation of these terms of use. 
  • 4. Availability and maintenance

    1. Calendar42 uses its best efforts to have the service available at all times, but is only willing to make specific guarantees if a separate Service Level Agreement is concluded with Calendar42. 
    2. Calendar42 may from time to time adapt C42 and the API definition. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome but ultimately Calendar42 decides which adaptations to carry out (or not). 
  • 5. Intellectual property

    1. The service of C42, the accompanying software as well as all information and images on the website is the intellectual property of Calendar42. None of these items may be copied or used without prior written permission of Calendar42, except and to the extent permitted by mandatory law.
    2. Information you store or process using the API or C42 is and remains your property (or the property of your suppliers or licensors). Calendar42 receives a limited license to use this information for the service, including for future aspects thereof. You can cancel this license by removing the information in question and/or terminating the agreement.
    3. If you send information to Calendar42, for example a bug report or suggestion for improvement, you grant Calendar42 a perpetual and unlimited license to use this information for the service. This does not apply to information you expressly mark as confidential.
    4. Calendar42 shall refrain from accessing data you store or transfer using C42, unless this is necessary for a good provision of the service or Calendar42 is forced to do so by law or order of competent authority. In these cases Calendar42 shall use its best efforts to limit access to the information as much as possible.
  • 6. Compensation for API access

    • Access to the API requires, unless agreed otherwise, payment of a fee per call.
    • Payment shall be made according to the Calendar42 general terms.
  • 7. Terms and termination

    1. The C42 service level agreement is applicable on this agreement.
    2. The C42 general terms are applicable on this agreement.
    3. This agreement enters into force as soon as your registration has been completed and then remains in force until terminated.
    4. If you entered into this agreement as a consumer, you may terminate the agreement at any time with a notice period of one month, calculated from the moment of the notice. Non-consumers can terminate the agreement with a notice period of two months.
    5. Calendar42 is entitled to terminate the agreement if you have not called the API at all in the last 18 months. In such an event Calendar42 shall first send a reminder mail to the e-mail address connected to your account.